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How to start living your best Zoom party life

03.24.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles
How to start living your best Zoom party lifeHumans are social animals. Even the most introverted among us have a strong need to feel that we're part of a network of people that appreciate us. And there has never been a better way of creating or reinforcing that feeling, fast, than having a party.  So as we come to terms with our new COVID-19 reality, as open-ended lockdowns, social distancing. and shelter-in-place orders descend across the world, it's no surprise that video parties have exploded in popularityZoom — a free app and web service designed to handle multiple live videos at once without stuttering or crawling — seem best equipped to fill this primal need.  Read more... More about Zoom, Videoconferencing, Tech, Work Life, and Web Culture

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