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How to spot a sustainable tea brand

03.05.2020 · Posted in Other Articles, Technology Articles
How to spot a sustainable tea brandThere’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea to start your day, help you battle the 3 p.m. slump or leave you feeling warm and cosy on a cold winter’s morning. But like many of its food and beverage counterparts, the tea industry hasn’t escaped a long, hard look under the sustainability microscope.  From production processes to labour and packaging, many of our favourite brews have had to step up. So, how do we find out which brands are actually making the effort? It starts with a simple status check. 

All about that B-Corp

What the heck is B-Corp, you ask? Well, it stands for Benefit Corporations, which are a group of non-for-profit organisations leading the way in sustainability initiatives. B-Corp certification allows consumers to identify companies working on improving their sustainability outcomes.  Read more... More about Tea, Sustainability, Sustainable Living, Watercooler, and Other

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