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How to Pass Your MOT Check Successfully

06.20.2019 · Posted in Automotive Articles
Pass Your Mot Check Successfully

Actually, you should know that there are certain standard to which your car should match. Keep in mind that you just can’t drive the vehicles on the road without getting it approved from MOT test. This is actually a standard test which vehicles have to pass out. Actually, in this type of MOT testing the tester will check your vehicle in detail and then he will tell you whether you need some improvements or repairs or is it ok. But these types of amendments will actually take more time to get your vehicle approved. Actually, you should prefer to do all the repair work before taking the vehicle to the MOT tester so that you would get it approved for the first time. So if you want to do MOT tester course in UK then you have to put your full effort in learning the chemistry of the car. Here in this article we are discussing about the tips and trick to pass out the MOT checks successfully once and for all.

1. Clean the Car and Its Hand-Brake

Actually, you have to clean and repair all the things that the MOT tester will have to check. So if you want to pass out from the MOT test as in the first attempt then it will definitely require you to do all the maintenance work. So start by cleaning the vehicle, and checking its hand-brake. Opt to go for deep cleaning of the vehicle and then test the hand-brake. So if you think that your hand-brake get the clicks too many times when you will pull it in an upward direction. Then it indicates that the cable of the hand-brake needs to be adjusted

2. Checking Your Tyres and Depth of Tread

Next most important thing that you have to check before going to the MOT tester is tyres of the vehicle. Keep in mind that the wheels should be in perfect condition and it shouldn’t be damaged. You have to check the depth of tread and for this you can use the tread depth gauge. The legal and standard tread depth should be minimum is 1.6mm. But if you have old tyres then it will be better if you opt to install a new tyres.

3. Prefer to Check the Shocks and Screen

Another thing that you should prefer to check before going to the MOT tester is shocks and screen of the vehicle. For this you should prefer to bounce every corner of the vehicle. So if you feel that your car get adjusted after 1 or 2 bounces, then it will indicate that your vehicle will have worn out shock absorber. So get your vehicle shocks repaired. Other than that you should prefer to check the screen of the vehicle. It doesn’t have any type of scratches on it, especially within the driver’s field of view.

4. Check the Brake Fluid of The Vehicle

The next thing that you should prefer to do for passing out the MOT test in the first time, then you should prefer to maintain the level of your brake oil. So before going to the MOT tester you should check the brake oil in advance. Simply press the brake pedal and check whether it feels like a sponge or not. But if you feel like yes it does, then there might be presence of air in your hydraulic system that you have to get removed to make it function better.

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