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How to Follow Up With Your Customers without Being Pushy

07.01.2019 · Posted in Uncategorized

How to Follow Up With Your Customers without Being Pushy

How to Follow Up With Your Customers without Being Pushy
Following up with your customers is one of the most important aspects that brings sales, and so it is necessary that you must take advantage of the customer list that your organization has worked hard to built and collected in its CRM database through the years. However, it is most needed to tread carefully when you are in the process of reaching out to your customers to avoid being pushy or overbearing on your prospects. Now, you can do this easily by making slight tweaks to your follow up practices, which can not only help boost your results but also make your customers always see you as a provider of immense assistance rather than marking you as an annoying nuisance on their precious time. Therefore, here are half a dozen tips on how you can follow up with your customers without being overbearing on them unnecessarily: 1. Focus On The Needs Of The Customer There are several businesses that make the big mistake of nudging their own requests in the follow-up calls to their prospective customers in their easy to use CRM list. However, it is always good to offer value to your customers by not only serving their requirements but also anticipating their needs. Therefore, try to remain posted on any business news for the customer that you are calling. Since this is an ideal way you can prepare your customers for accepting your offerings that are specially developed to satisfy their needs.  People appreciate seeing others taking an interest in their personal goals. Hence, knowing what is going on in the marketplace for your prospective customers will help endear the customer to your company and leave them wanting to show their liking of your attention for their needs. 2. Make Conversations Short And Sweet Just like your sales reps customers also have busy schedules for they even need to keep up with jobs to stay on top of things. Hence, make your follow up conversation short and sweet and make sure that you do not waste your customer’s time while on a follow-up call. While it is great to discuss news and exchange pleasantries, your sales reps making the follow-up calls also need to be sensitive to the responses and reactions of the customers and understand when to speed up things when necessary. Those making follow up calls on behalf of your brand should also be willing to call back at another time if they find the customer busy during their calls. 3. Always Ensure Your Customer’s Preferred Method of Communication You shall never get anything out of your prospective customers if you repeatedly ignore their wishes. Hence, if any of your customers want to be contacted over phone, they will never appreciate being contacted over text messages, or emails.
Similarly, customers will not enjoy being contacted over the phone from your sales reps if they have expressly told your organization in the past that they conduct businesses strictly in person or over emails for closing their deals. Therefore, always remember to focus on the inputs that you receive from your customers and only use their preferred communication channels, which will show your company’s emotional intelligence in the workplace and your dedication to meet the requirements of your prospective customers as per their needs. 4. Do Not Let Too Much Time Pass Before You Follow Up This is one mistake that startups and small business often make. If you do not follow up on your prospective customers soon enough, there are several possibilities of ruining your chances, since your customer may forget who you are. Therefore using a CRM software for small business helps in keeping the connection alive by staying in touch with your customers, and not let leads fall through the crack. Remember, never let months pass by before you make your follow up call and ensure that your sales reps go over a recap of what business you have done with your customers, which is easy to find from your CRM database if you are using easy to use CRM software, and remind your customer of the deals they have done with your organization in the past.  5. Find Means To Stand Out From The Competition Your follow up calls can be more annoying to your customer if your call sounds like every other sales rep on the phone. Therefore try to make your follow up calls unique and memorable. For this create an inimitable personality for your brand and make sure that personality is represented in each single follow up calls. This way you will be immediately recognized by your customers and you will not have to remind them of the purpose of your call, which on the other hand will also separate your call from the other follow up calls they receive from your competitions. 6. Do Not Insist On Making A Sale, Merely Focus On Keeping In Touch One of the most cumbersome ways to convince a customer is to be pushy to force a sale when in reality that is not clearly in the cards. Customers always appreciate your willingness to give in when they clearly do not want to buy your offerings.
This is because once you concede to your customer’s wishes it can help you down the road when a customer does have a real requirement for your offerings and wishes to purchase your products and services. Moreover, if you are pleasant in your approaches and not pushy with your attitude, customers will be more likely to welcome your follow up calls down the road when they find your brand’s offerings are more in line with their ad-hoc needs. Wrapping up- Optimizing Your Brand’s Follow up Call Regime Therefore if you find that your sales reps are not finding enough success with their follow up calls, it is time that you make some amendments to your follow up call regimes by focusing on the above-stated tips and thereafter ensure to train your employees to fit-in these tips into every interaction with the customers during their follow up calls. 

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