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How to Claim Flight Delay Compensation?

03.29.2019 · Posted in Travel Articles, Travel Tips Articles

People who use to travel on regular basis should know that it is completely a normal thing for flights to get delay. So when you will face this type of situation you should never get panic. Because airlines will tell you about the next schedule of the flight and about the time of flight delay. But if you want to claim for having a flight delay compensation then it is very important to make sure that flight is get delayed because of the airline fault. Other than that if there will be any type of natural disasters or weather conditions due to which flight is delayed then you can claim to have the flight delay compensation. You can see about ways that you can opt for claiming compensation for flight delay.

1. Get in touch with the airline

First thing that you have to do when faced with issue of flight delay is to contact the airline. Actually they will help you to know about the reason why your flight is delayed and when it will be rescheduled. Keep in mind that you can claim to get compensation for the flight that’s recently delayed and also flight that gets delayed 4 years ago. Actually so many airlines have tried to lower down this time period but court has rejected their application. So yes you can simply contact the airline whenever you face this type of situation of flight delay.

2. Implement a five hour refund rule:

Next thing that you should prefer to do is to implement five hour refund rule, especially when flights will get delayed for almost five hours. If you face this type of situation then you will be liable to get compensation from the airline company or else you will be entitled to get full refund. Keep in mind that you are also entitled to get a refund if you have to cancel your travel plans due to this flight delay. Or else you can opt to hire flight delay solicitors.

3. Get refund with new flight arrangements:

Other than that if you are facing a flight delay issue and Airline Company have arranged the new flight for you. But during this time you reach your destination 2 hours late then the airline will be liable to give you a cash payment. Actually, this will be a compensation that will be given to you because of flight delay. So you should know that you are entitled to get up to $675 if your flight will arrive 2 hours late at the arrival airport. But if your flight will arrive more than 2 hours at the destination airport, then they are liable to pay you 400% of your one-way ticket fare.

4. Accept option of downgrading of seats:

Other than that if you will face flight delay, then you can also have the option to accept seat downgrading. Actually, most of the airlines offer these options top passengers when they face issues like overbooking, flight cancellation, overbooking, and rerouting in this situation you will be entitled to get compensation of 30% on your overall ticket price that you have previously booked.

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