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How Often Does a Vehicle Need a Tune-Up?

03.08.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking
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People who drive the vehicle on a daily basis should know that it is very important to tune it up from time to time. And for this you should prefer to schedule the appointment with the mechanic. He will help you to keep your vehicle up to date that will automatically help you to increase fuel efficiency and overall performance of the vehicle. So yes, you should prefer to make a schedule for tuning up the vehicle so that the mechanic will help you to check the issues in battery, fuel pump, ignition system, or even the tyres. So yes, here in this article we are discussing about tips that you should implement while deciding how often you have to tune up your vehicle.

1.  Check the condition of spark plugs:

Basically, these are used to provide an electric spark for initiating combustion within your engine, so that’s why, if by change your spark plug will get fouled-up or even get worn out, then it will restrict your engine to run properly. Basically, there are two types of spark plugs first is known as conventional plugs and platinum spark plug.  You have to replace conventional plugs after every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. And change the platinum spark plugs after every 50,000 to 120,000 miles

2.  Check the condition of fuel filter:

Another thing that you have to change while maintaining the vehicle is the fuel filter. Keep in mind that it is present in most of the modern vehicles, but with the advancement of technology in the latest model vehicles this item have become maintenance free. Ad there is no longer need to replace these fuel filter, especially while tuning up the vehicle.  But still if your mechanic suggest that you need to have replacement fuel filter, then it will only cost you £100-150.

3.  Know about the condition of Air Filter:

Another thing that must be included in the best ECU Car Tuning of the vehicle is its air filter. Keep in mind that while tuning up the vehicle this must be the most important thing that you have to do and it is to replace air filter. Actually, you should prefer to replace the air filter after every 15,000 to 30,000 miles or even earlier than this if you use to drive the vehicle on unpaved or dusty roads.

4.  Opt to get the fuel Injector Servicing:

Another thing that will help you to analyse the time period to get your vehicle tuned up is to check the condition of fuel injector. Keep in mind that sometimes your car just needs to get cleaned and the will help you to clean the fuel injector or else you will need to have the repairing of the fuel injector. While tuning up the vehicle when mechanic will see this type of issue, then he can check or repair the pistons, valves, and also the injectors. Actually, this will help you to increase the overall mileage of your engines. But keep in mind that you have to pay almost £100 to 150 for repairing it.

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