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How MFDs Can Expand Business by Offering Global Investments Through Mutual Fund Software?

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The financial world is constantly changing, and investors are becoming more sophisticated in their needs and expectations. In India, Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs) play a crucial role in guiding investors towards making informed financial decisions. However, traditional investment options often fail to meet the evolving demands of investors seeking global diversification and exposure to growth opportunities. Let’s go through the challenges first and then learn how mutual fund software helps MFDs with business expansion.

The Diversification Challenge

MFDs face several challenges in keeping pace with the dynamic market and investor demands:

  1. Limited Portfolio Diversification: Traditional investment options often restrict MFDs from offering a wide range of investment choices, limiting their ability to diversify client portfolios effectively.
  2. Lack of Exposure to Global Markets: The Indian market, while offering promising growth opportunities, may not provide adequate exposure to diverse asset classes and global trends. This can hinder MFDs from catering to investors seeking global diversification.
  3. Restrictions on FAANG Companies and ETFs: Access to FAANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) can be limited in traditional investment options, preventing MFDs from offering these high-growth assets to their clients.
  4. Slow Business Growth: The limited range of investment options can restrict MFDs from expanding their client base and achieving sustainable business growth.

Global Investments for Diversifying Portfolios

REDVision Technologies understands the importance of portfolio diversification and offers global investments through Wealth Elite, the top mutual fund software in India.

Global investments emerge as a smart solution for MFDs to tackle these challenges. By letting clients invest in global giants like FAANG companies (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) and various Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), MFDs not only diversify their offerings but also open doors to global markets. This can lead to better returns and more resilient portfolios.

The Perks of Global Investments Through Mutual Fund Software

Diversifying Risk Across Borders

Going global means spreading the risk. MFDs can create portfolios that aren’t solely impacted by local economic events, providing a safety net for clients.

Access to FAANG Companies and ETFs

Thanks to the best mutual fund software, MFDs can offer clients access to renowned global giants like FAANG companies and a diverse array of ETFs. These investments bring stability and the promise of substantial returns, enriching client portfolios.

Better Returns for Clients

Global investments offer clients a chance to benefit from the growth of international markets. Including FAANG companies and ETFs in portfolios can contribute to superior returns, providing MFDs with a competitive edge.

Boosting AUM Through Global Diversification

Diversifying into global investments not only attracts new clients but also significantly increases Assets Under Management (AUM). This expansion of investment options can lead to a more robust portfolio, fostering long-term client relationships and driving sustained business growth.

Strategies for MFDs to Navigate Global Investments

Educate Clients on Global Investment Perks

Break down the benefits of global investments for clients. Highlight the potential for better returns and a sturdier portfolio. Clear communication is key to getting clients on board.

Tailor Portfolios to Client Goals

Customize global investment portfolios based on each client’s goals and risk comfort. Mutual fund software allows for personalized portfolio management, making sure every client’s unique needs are met.

Stay Up-to-Date on Global Markets

Keep an eye on global market trends and updates. Mutual fund software provides real-time data, helping MFDs stay ahead of the curve and guide clients through changing international market conditions.

How Global Investments Boost AUM and Trail Income?

Growing AUM with Diverse Portfolios

Global investments attract more clients, leading to increased AUM. Diversifying portfolios with international options ensures a healthy and growing asset base.

Trail Income Boost Through Client Loyalty

Global investments create loyal clients. When clients see their money growing with diverse and lucrative options, they’re more likely to stay on board. This loyalty translates into a steady trail income for MFDs.


By offering global investments through mutual fund software for distributors in IndiaMFDs can transform their business. By addressing challenges like limited diversification and slow growth, MFDs can tap into a world of opportunities. Global investments, especially in renowned entities like FAANG companies and diverse ETFs, not only enhance client portfolios but also propel MFDs towards increased AUM and sustained business growth.

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