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House M.D.’ Season 5 on DVD

09.06.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

The reviews are mixed for Season 5 of House, M.D., which is now out on DVD. Whether viewers liked Season 5 or not, fans of the program concur that it was unique. For example, Cameron and Chase were not included as heavily, and some audience members felt that the season was “cheesier” than other seasons.nnThose that enjoyed Season 5 say that the episodes connect with the audience better than in other seasons, and that the fan learns more about how House’s is haunted by his personal demons. The overall sentiment is that if Hugh Laurie is in the series it will continue to be a complex, smart television show. Even doctors who watch House, M.D. say that in spite of its over-the-top presentation, the show is very entertaining and does give the fans an idea of the processes a doctor goes through when contemplating a complex diagnosis.nnFans who were a little under-whelmed by House M.D. Season 5 say that the writing varies in quality: the season begins strongly, goes through some less exciting episodes mid-season, then picks up steam during the remainder of the season. An element that did not appeal to many watchers was what they saw as a rather desperate and clumsy way of planting the seeds of a P.I. spinoff prlogram by introducing a character that was not pertinent to the season. Other complaints were that the character arcs were less compelling and that uneven writing brought House’s trademark biting wit to cross the line into unneeded shock value occasionally.nnThe 24 shows constituting Season 5 allow personal and professional boundaries to blur repeatedly among the star characters. Special appearances in Season 5 included eljko Ivanek, Mos Def, and Carl Reiner. The DVD collection includes extras covering new phases of Dr. Cuddy’s life, how an episode is cast, and the level of veracity in the plots. The DVD set also contains a 100th episode celebration, and comments for the episode about the patient with the “locked-in syndrome.”nnBetween those fans who were enthusiastic about Season 5 and those who were not as thrilled, the vast majority say they still enjoy the show a lot and are breathlessly awaiting House, M.D., Season 6.

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