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10.21.2009 · Posted in Pets Articles

I will get straight to the point about homeopathy for dogs. I am sure that you are looking for alternative treatments over conventional medicinal remedies for your dogs. I know how you feel about wanting to provide safe and effective treatments for your pets. Imagine being able to do this and save money at the same time over traditional vet bills.rnrnThere is no better time to help your pet than today.rnrnWHAT IS HOMEOPATHYrnrnA form of alternative medicine first proposed by a German physician in 1796rnrnWidely used by the public in over the counter medicationsrnrnHomeopathy uses animal, plant, mineral and synthetic substances in the preparation of various remedies.rnrnTraditional medicine believes that symptoms are created by the sickness or illness whereas homeopathic medicine believes that the symptoms are the body

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