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Holiday carols, one-handed guitar, stump duct tape pick

“I was born without my right hand and play guitar with a duct tape pick I made,” says IMGURian abshow. “I play drums too!” Here is the ABShow YouTube channel.
This is a clip of my drum cover of Pentatonix' version of this Christmas classic! Hope you enjoy -- feel free to SHARE and let me know your thoughts below! Check out the rest of my channel to see how I do other things with only one hand!
Pretty excellent. Follow @abshow on Instagram: • @abshowA clip of my drum (one handed) cover of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman” by @ptxofficial 🥁🎄 A wonderful series of questions and answers with the artist follow in this IMGUR thread.
One Handed Guitar (Duct Tape Pick)

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