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HK Jewelry Fair – Attracted New Buyers

08.12.2009 · Posted in Shopping and Fashion

Jewelry price appeared to have an impact at the HK Jewelry Fair.Active purchasing of jewelery from buyers in new markets boosted,the mayor new buyers are come from Russia, Poland and even Argentina country ,jewelry sales at the Hong Kong international jewelry Show.rnrnHowever, the rising jewelry price have an impact on general purchases , with buyers option for silver jewelery of lighter weight, exhibitors said.rnrnActive buyers from new markets included regions in Eastern Europe and southern America.Lily kitroy andrew, manager of he zuan jewelery exhibitor , in Hong Kong said:” This year we saw more and more customers form new markets such as Russia, Poland and even Argentina country. They were enthusiastic about stocking silver jewelery, particularly big pieces with lots of small cubic zircon, the ring feature with cubic zircon, and the pedant inlaid the cubic zircon are more and more demanded in the fair.rnrn”Regular customers from the US and Europe, however were more price conscious compared to these new customers. As a result of rising prices, the opted for light weight jewelery below US$20.the regular customers from the US AND Europe are fell hisitan when choose the jewelry with the price higher than US$60 “rnrnMany exhibitors said new and innovative designs sold well. “although customers were more price conscious, the were still interested in new designs,Regardless of the material price, buyers needed to replenish their stock, but many were adopting a cautious attitude, We received many orders for our new collections. Best sellers were pieces set with wood or plated whit gold wholesaling from US$2 to US$15 a piece,more and more new customer like the pearl jewelry that with a silver fitting, such as the pearl earring with a silver dangle or a pearl necklace come with a silver clasp which looks like a golden clasp.With color influencing all the jewelery markets, exhibitors at the fair reported strong sales for their colorful pieces, including silver with colored stones and enamel.” manager of hezee zuan Jewelry company in Asian, debdta vinkui,ling said.rnrnBut many said buyers were hesitant to stock because of increasing material cost.”Some buyers reduced the size of their orders. In the past ,they bought bigger quantities such as 300 pieces per purchase at the fair,but now they just ordered 150 pieces.some regular custom even choose less model, they usual select many different new design model that except to sold good in their market, but now they feel very caution, they only choose the model which they sold very well before,only few best designed jewelery can attractive them.Buyers were hesitant because they were uncertain about the movement of the jewelry price, also the jewelry market also consider by them under the current economy situation.: an executive of henzee jewelry Co Ltd, in Honkong said.

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