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High Gas Cost? Fight Back and Let Your Car Runs On Water!

06.06.2008 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

There’s a good chance that you haven’t given hydrogen a thought since eighth grade chemistry. Heck, there’s a good chance you didn’t even want to look at it then, much less now in your everyday life. But with gas prices going nowhere but upward, hydrogen has become a fixture in the news and in a lot of people’s life.rnrnSo you may be asking what is the big deal with hydrogen? What it is it and, much more essentially, how can it save me money? If I inhale it, will it make me talk funny? Can I use it to disinfect cuts?rnrnOkay, maybe not the last two. But for the record. It won’t make you talk funny, and I wouldn’t use it to clean out your cat scratches, since liquid hydrogen is cold enough to turn your flesh to solid ice, which, admittedly, probably would. Hydrogen is an element, one of the basic building blocks of the universe. In fact, hydrogen is the most common element of all, comprising more than 75 percent of the universe. That’s universe, as in, everything. It’s also one of the components of water, and a heck of fuel. It’s highly combustible, and burns incredibly clean. That, equipped with its abundance, is the reason that we all are seeing a lot about it in the news.rnrnThe most updated way to use it is by way of hydrogen fuel cells. A fuel cell is more or less a battery that will not run out of power, with the caveat that you need to keep refueling some of their inherent chemicals. It turns hydrogen and oxygen into water, a process that gives forth energy that is then employed for power.rnrnWhich is wonderful, but not particularly handy for those of us who are not living in the future. But there is something that can help you use the power of hydrogen right now. That is the Water4Gas system.rnrnWhat this system does is use electrolysis, the same process fuel cells use, to turn common water into a hydrogen gas that car can then burn in place of oxygen. Normally, your car integrates oxygen and gas to power the engine. Obviously, this works, but it’s utterly inefficient.rnrnBy permitting your car to combine the hydrogen gas with gasoline, it means that you can go further with every tank of gas. This means you’ll have to fill up less much, which means you get to save money. All because you are using the most common thing in the universe.

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