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Hi-Tech Testing Tools to Meet Organizational Testing Needs

09.05.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

As organizations grow, their testing requirements also rise up considerably. An efficient testing tool is a complete necessity considering the high-rise testing requirements of the clients. Testing tools are required by large teams to aid them in enhancing their operational efficiency.nnAutomated testing is one of the prime areas that can improve throughput of the testing teams. This is because; test automation tools can handle all important testing process starting from resource management to metrics generation. Testing services benefit because of the inbuilt project management features that help track different test cases, thereby covering multiple test environments at the same time. nnTesting solutions help in managing multiple projects and releases at the same time. They are capable of being integrated with existing test environment thereby enabling centralized management of test resource. The tools largely increase testing speed and accuracy levels of the testing teams, which plays a direct role in increasing their overall efficiency.nnThe test automation tools provide important features like document management, execution scheduling and efficient defect tracking system that provides considerable reduction of overall project duration. This in turn aids in timely project deliveries and high cost benefits for the organization. nnThe test lead is highly benefited by the testing tools. He is able to ably manage and monitor every team member and their task allocations. The traditional method of test team handling was a tedious process, leaving room for many missed deadlines. Testing tools provide the required statistics for efficient resource management.nnTest tools are also able to integrate with existing QA methodologies. It is advisable to choose test automation tools that can provide test execution scheduling and also manage access controls within the project and across multiple projects.

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