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Here’s why pro-grade convertible PCs are a game changer for photographers

10.24.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
It used to be that being a professional photographer meant you’d buy a 35mm camera, snap a few shots, and then hole up in the darkroom for a couple of hours. But that was then.  Being a pro photographer today is more challenging than ever, mainly because knowing what tech tools to use is just as important as your ability to compose a good shot. You can be a brilliant photographer, but if you don’t have tech that can keep up, you can’t compete.

A post-production studio that goes where you go

Whether out in the field or shooting in the studio, photographers need post-production tools that are lightweight and portable. At the same time, these tools need to be durable and packing some serious power under the hood. Enter the HP ZBook Studio x360 convertible laptop. Read more... More about Supported, Hp, Brand X, Hp Zbook Studio X360, and Laptops For Photographers
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