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Helping The Elderly And Patients With Cleaning

02.12.2020 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Maintaining hygiene includes basic activities like brushing, flossing, washing hands, and most importantly taking a bath. However, the elderly, patients of neuromuscular disorders, or accident survivors may suffer from mobility limitations.

Hence, keeping clean may not be just another activity for them. They may find difficulty taking a bath or even need help for that.

There are several bathroom equipment that can aid them in their cleaning. Let’s read about the various aids that can offer great help to patients and the elderly.

1. Shower Chair/Bath Seat

The choice between the two depends on various factors.

A bath seat can be generally preferable for those who may need to take baths sitting or reclining in a bathtub. People who can’t sit for long periods and have very limited strength may find it more useful as reclining is easier for them.

A shower chair can be a good option for those with enough strength to sit for longer periods. Some variants also come with a backrest to provide support. Therefore, people without severe mobility restrictions can consider using a shower chair.

2.Shampoo Basin

A shampoo basin can be a good option for people who might have difficulty reaching the bathroom. A caretaker can use this aid to wash or shampoo a bed-ridden person’s hair. An integral valve hose helps drain water easily.

Besides, you can deflate it when not in use so it doesn’t occupy much space.

3. Sponges and Scrubbers

Sponges and scrubbers may facilitate cleaning for people with mobility limitations. Some of them are:

  • Body BrushWith smooth bristles on each side, a body brush provides a massaging effect. You can use it to clean the areas that are hard to reach.
  • Flannel StrapA flannel strap can act as a towel for people with reduced mobility. A person can use it to scrub legs or back. One side is coarser than the other to help exfoliate the skin. The handles at both ends provide the ease of use and better grip.
  • Toe Washer A toe washer may be ideal for use in a shower or bath for people with limited flexibility. It may also make it easier for them to clean parts of lower extremity like toes and feet without the need for them to strain much to bend forward.

4. Bath Lift

A bath lift can be a good option for people who can sit easily but have problems with getting in or out of a bathtub. The reclining backrest powered by a battery provides comfort and support you need.

Generally, lightweight hand control is available to operate the lowering and raising functions. Some variants of bath lifts are also foldable making them easy to transport and store in small spaces.

5. Hand-Held Shower

A hand-held shower or shower head positioner may ease showering for people with reaching capacity constraints. The elderly who shower in a seated position may also find it handy. You can mount it at an appropriate location on a wall in your bathroom. The long movable showerhead holder makes it easily accessible for washing all parts of the body.

6. Shower Screen/Bath Curtain Screen

A portable shower screen may provide the privacy a person needs when showering or bathing. People can use a shower chair or stool when showering. Besides, being lightweight makes it easier to carry it from one place to another.

Similarly, a bath curtain screen can also be a useful privacy aid for bathtubs.

Further, you can stop water from splashing onto the bathroom floor by using this aid. A movable joint enables easy positioning of the screen. This screen also doesn’t experience any strong downward force due to its lightweight.

7. Bath Pillow

People with skin issues, fragile skin or posterior injuries or wounds might find a bath pillow useful. This pillow might enhance their bathing experience by preventing their backs from rubbing against the hard surface of a bathtub.

8. Cast and Dressing Protectors

Cast and dressing protectors waterproof a person’s dressings or casts. They prevent ingress of water to ankles, legs or feet and prevent any damage it can cause. Their constituent material is primarily durable plastic. So, you can dry and use them multiple times.

In a Nutshell

All the above-mentioned aids offer the much-needed help to the elderly or patients. Especially the bath seat. You can also combine these aids to make use of the bathroom more convenient for them.

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