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Hayden Fitness – Vernon BC’s Fitness Experts!

09.11.2009 · Posted in Fitness Articles

Hayden Fitness of Vernon BC provides personal training services that will energize your life. The company is committed to teaching clients the most effective methods of activating your metabolism, training your core, and enhancing your mind and body.nnMarie Hayden is the owner of Hayden Fitness in Vernon BC. She is a Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist, a BCRPA certified trainer (3rd Age), and has over 15 years experience in the personal training industry. She is passionate and committed to improving the health of her clients. Marie Hayden is Vernon BCs premier personal training expert, and she will help you acquire the motivation and help that you require to achieve your personal fitness goals.nnTraining with Marie and Hayden Fitness provides various health benefits:nn Loss of weightnn Gain strengthnn Better flexibilitynn Improved balancenn Metabolism change to help weight lossnn Learn to train your CORE and change your life!nn Feel good about your body ” and yourself!nnServices available include:nn Individual, Partner, and Small Group Training packages are offerednn Retired and Fit is a program designed to help seniors maintain an active lifestylenn Strollersize is a program for new Mommiesnn Core Ball Training with Marie is fun and effectivenn Virtual Online Trainingnn Core Fitness Training that provides serious results.nnBest of all, Marie Hayden is a Core Fitness specialist.nnCore training creates several benefits to your health ” Hayden Fitness specializes in core fitness training programs. Your core is the stabilizer for the rest of your body. Hayden Fitness will show you how to activate your core to promote weight loss, strength, stability and more. nnThe core training taught by Hayden Fitness shows you fun exercises that are effective and targeted for difficult areas on your body.nnCore training targets your lower abdomen, groin area, and lower back. Ball exercises and twisting exercises will result in more targeted weight loss, and Hayden Fitness will ensure that you learn the proper techniques to avoid injury and change your body effectively! nnHayden Fitness of Vernon BC provides incredible enthusiasm during its fitness sessions. Marie shows a true love for making a difference in the lives of her clients. You can be a part of the Hayden Fitness team. If you live in Vernon, and want to change your life and feel great about your body and mind, Hayden Fitness will help.nnCall Hayden Fitness today at 250-306-7474!nnMany different types of personal training and general fitness sessions are available. Hayden Fitness in Vernon BC will develop an awesome personalized training program tailored to fit your fitness needs. Achieve fitness success with Hayden Fitness!

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