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Have Loads of Fun During Your Cheap Holidays to Majorca

09.23.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking
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Majorca is one of the most gorgeous islands located in the Mediterranean and is characterised by a beautiful climate, enchanting sceneries, and delicious cuisine. It is the largest of all the Balearic Islands and has an otherworldly charm to it. While getting around on the island, you’ll also find some rocky mountains and green hills that seem to slide down to the sea. You’ll get the chance to enjoy some mesmerising views from the dramatic cliffs located on the island. During your time spent on this majestic island destination, you can also visit the wonderful villages and some historic towns.

The winter months of January and February are the best times to enjoy cheap holidays to Majorca, as many of the tourists wouldn’t like to visit this island during this time of the year owing to the cold weather. As a result, the hotels would be willing to reduce their room rates to a great extent. If you wish to enjoy a pleasant climate as well as reduced room rates, visit during the spring season from March to May. You may have to book your flights and hotel accommodation several months in advance if you plan to visit in summer, as it is a peak tourist season. Autumn from October to December is also a good time to enjoy lower accommodation rates, lesser crowds, and relatively pleasant weather.

Palma de Mallorca, the capital city, is one of the places worth exploring on the island as it is home to some impressive historical monuments and seaside attractions. Another great place you can visit is the Old Town of Alcudia, which is one of Majorca’s most picturesque towns. It also has a few important churches, such as the Baroque chapel of Sant Crist, the Santa Ana church, and the Sant Jaume church. Valldemossa, a hilltop town located on the island is also a good place to visit while holidaying on the island as it is set against the backdrop of the scenic Tramuntana Mountains.

A shore-excursion of the island would give you the chance to witness some delightful sights and get some valuable insights into the cultural heritage of the villages. Don’t miss the cliff jumping experience while exploring the Tramuntana Mountains. It allows you to abseil down the rocks and leap off the high ledges into the flowing streams. You’ll also enjoy the 3-hour off-road quad biking tour, which takes you to the southern reaches of Majorca through some dramatic cliffs, secret beaches, and scenic bays.

Your holiday on this island would also give you the chance to savour its delicious dishes. One of them is the Suckling Pig, which is eaten as a traditional meal during Christmas by the locals. Another delectable treat is Tumbet, which comprise layers of fried potato, aubergine, and red bell peppers topped with a layer of tomato fried with garlic and parsley. Arros Brut is a rice-based stew containing different meats, vegetables, and mushrooms. While you may not like the translation of the name, which is ‘***** Rice’, this Majorcan dish is extremely nutritious and tasty.

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