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Have Fun in Al Marmoom with Cheap Flights to Dubai

08.13.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking
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A visit to Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, not only allows you to witness the popular attractions in the metropolis but also gives you the chance to explore other fascinating places beyond its limits. One such place is the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve located in the Saih Al Salam’s desert area of the Emirate of Dubai. It covers about 10 percent of the emirate’s overall land area and includes Al Qudra Lakes, the vast man-made desert wetlands. Upon reaching the Al Marmoom desert, you can indulge in several interesting activities.

You can utilise the amount saved while booking your cheap flights to Dubai to enjoy these activities. A short drive from central Dubai would take you to the Al Qudra cycling path. It extends to about 86 kilometres and the main loop begins from Saih Al Salam. You can either explore this track alone or by cycling in groups. It would take about an hour and a half or three hours, depending on your ability. While riding on this path, you can look forward to sighting the animals that are commonly found in the desert areas in this part of the world, such as camels and Oryx.

If you take one of the astro-tourism tours offered by a local tour operator, you can experience some unique adventures, explore the desert, and get the chance to do some stargazing. Such tours allow you to travel deep into the desert areas and watch the countless numbers of stars twinkling in the night sky. You can know more about the significance of stargazing in this part of the Arabian region from your guide. During your tour, you can also spot some stars, planets, and other celestial bodies depending on the season when you’re visiting. Your guide would also explain to you how stars were used to tell time and direction in the past.

The desert region of Al Marmoom is home to several species of animals and birds, including the Arabian Oryx. They were saved successfully from extinction and their population was allowed to thrive with the help of captive breeding programs. Many of them were re-introduced in several other areas in the country. You can see these wild animals and birds moving around freely in their natural environment. The Al Qudra lakes are home to more than 150 different species of birds, making it one of the greatest hubs in the country for bird-watching.

Camel racing is a traditional Emirati sport you’ll get to witness upon visiting the Al Marmoom Camel Racing track. When the race starts, the camels that are huddled behind the gates run through the dirt track followed alongside by their owners in their vehicles. These camels can reach the speeds of 40 kilometres per hour during such races. The Al Marmoom Heritage Festival held at this venue during the spring season attracts competitors from around the region. During your visit to this part of the Emirate of Dubai, you’ll also get to enjoy some traditional activities along with the locals.

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