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Guide to Mold Remediation in Humble TX

10.28.2011 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

Texas offers more than the tourist destinations that many people are looking forward to visit. There are also many cities and towns that are not only charming but also full of recreational opportunities.rnrnA 25-minute drive away from Houston is the city of Humble. Its population, which is about 15,000, enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, serene environment, more parks and modern amenities of a big city because of its proximity to a big urban area. Humble is also just a few minutes away from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. It is a good location for those who want to raise a family, explore new work opportunities or look for a retirement place.rnrnJust like any city near Houston, residents must be ready for hot summers and temperate winters that is why it is important to have routine home maintenance to minimize the impact of common problems that can happen any season like water damage.rnrnWater can break down many types of materials so it is important to take care of flooding or leak problems right away. Use a sump pump, mop floors, blot wooden furniture and dry the area as soon as possible. If you let your home submerged in water for at least 24 to 48 hours, you need to call for professional mold remediation in Humble TX.rnrnMold contamination can happen when the environment is moist so it is necessary to have your home inspected for mold buildup when it has been affected by water problem for more than two days. Mold growth is not easy to detect because some are not even visible. What you can do is follow the smell. If the room smells dank or has been affected by moisture problems, chances are you’ll find mold buildup within the premises.rnrnYou can do a lot while waiting for expert help to arrive. Don’t forget to inform your insurance provider too so you can file for claims later on. It is practical to hire a local mold specialist so the crew can reach your place in a shorter time.rnrnRemove standing water as soon possible. Take the wet items outside especially those made of cloth, leather, paper as well as highly absorbent ones like carpets. If these items have been soaked in floodwater for at least two days, they have mold growth already. You can wash the cloth with hot water. rnrnFor hard items like floors, stoves, sinks, walls, countertops, plates, tools and flatware, you can clean them off using bleach. For every gallon of water, you can mix one cup of bleach. You may also use ammonia instead of bleach. Never mix the two or any disinfecting agents for that matter. Mold buildup on rough surfaces can be scrubbed using a stiff brush. Rinse all the items after treating them with disinfectant and dry them.rnrnMold remediation in Humble TX becomes easy with the help of professionals. Ask for their credentials, experiences, level of knowledge, trainings attended and equipment available for the whole cleanup and decontamination process.rnrnSince use of specific chemicals is needed, it is recommended that homeowners let those with proper training and credentials take care of the rest of the process. An air quality test may be done again after a few days just to check if the contamination has been totally eliminated.

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