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Double Coated Adhesive Tapes – Guidelines to choose the best Double Coated Tapes for Business

01.08.2019 · Posted in Business News Article, Wholesale Articles

Double Coated Adhesive Tape is a very useful multipurpose product which can be used for both domestic as well as industrial purposes. It is made up of a thin layer of adhesive on both the sides of a substrate material which can be used for bonding, mounting, splicing, holding or packaging. Seemingly, it is a very good product to stick to the surfaces of different object or layers tightly and together without the visibility of the end part. This adhesive tape is very amazing as it is placed ‘in-between’ rather than ‘overlaying’ in its practical use.

How is Double-Sided Tape Used?

Double-Sided tape has multiple uses ranging from house wrap to building construction materials. Let us have a quick look at some of the paramount uses of this amazing product.

  • It may seem surprising but a strong double-sided tapewas used in auto-manufacturing for replacing the rivets and fasteners for years to attach the accessories like dashboards or exterior mirrors.
  • The 3m double sided tape is also used in blocking the water leakages. Likewise, the double sided adhesive tape is can also be used to seal the vapor barriers in the walls of your home instead of using screws to make it more air-tight.
  • This two-sided tape gives amazing results when you wish to make your home sound-proof. It is used in the wall panels and flooring to attach the foam.
  • The high quality double sided tape is the first choice of the artisans from the graphic arts industry. No matter what object you wish to use it for, it just like a go-to tool to stick together two different objects with ease.
  • As stated, this multipurpose double coated tape turns out to be extremely useful in events like expos or convention ceremony where the carpets are used. In trade expos or exhibition usually, the red carpets are used and this best double sided tape is used to hold the carpets securely on the ground. When the event is over, its medium adhesion and tack are easily removable without leaving a scar of residue.
  • The double coated tape can also be used as an industrial tape in the industries like rubber, paper mills. The prime use of it is for splicing or tabbing requirement in the paper mills.

How to Choose the Right Double-Sided Tape for your requirement?

  • What are the two surfaces you are bonding?

It is equally important to consider the material of the surface and the object which you wish to join or stick.  For example, you can choose foam adhesive double coated tape to join the objects with textured, rough and uneven surfaces. For example, for smooth surfaces, you can use acrylic based tapes whereas for the surfaces like that of organic material like cloth and wood pieces a thing double sided duct tape would be better.

  • What is your surface energy?

This aspect is concerned with the orientation and location of the object you wish to install. Suppose, if you wish to mount an object like a wall-piece picture, foam or acrylic based mounting tapes would be the best choice. Because mounting tapes are generally thicker and can effectively resist the gravity.

  • What temperature resistance do you need?

These are usually the industrial tapes used specially to insulate a heating or cooling object like cooler to prevent the leakage. The options available before you are aluminum tapes, copper tapes, silicone self-fusing tapes. You can choose any of these tapes considering the temperature resistance you require.

Global Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes Market Forecast and Outlook:

Step 1– Double Sided Adhesive Tape market trends:

The following waves are prevailing in respect of double sided adhesive tape market:

  • There is seemed to be a scope of huge market demand for double sided tape market. However, there is a lack of the availability of the high-end products but the businesses believe the market to grow in size in the years to come.
  • Double sided tapes are widely used in various industry segments like building and construction, electrical and electronic appliances, and automotive etc. and still the scope for its use is expected to grow in the years to come.
  • A tight competition is prevailing in the double coated adhesive tape market mainly because of a large number of adhesive tape maker and the entry of new players in the market. Still, the market is led by few business houses like 3M, Nitto, TESA etc.

Step 2 – Double Sided Adhesive Tape Market by Types:

The following types of the double-sided adhesive tapes are found to be more in demand both by the industry as well as individuals:

  • Thin Double Coated Tapes
  • Thin Transfer Tapes
  • Foam Tapes
  • Fastening Material

Step 3 – Double Sided Adhesive Tape Market by Applications:

The following are the most common applications of the double sided adhesive tapes:

  • Daily Commodities
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Medical Device
  • Construction
  • Appliances

Double sided adhesive tapes are extremely useful and can be used for varied purposes effectively instead of following the traditional method of mounting. It can serve almost all the purposes whether you require it for an industrial use or domestic use. What you need to do is to choose the right tape and its installation method.

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