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Guaranteed Website Visitors – Too good to be true?

06.06.2008 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

Targeted Traffic, Visitors, Visits, Web Site Traffic. As online entrepreneurs, we have seen these and heard of these terms in one form or another. Try searching on Google for places that use these terms. These are traffic resellers who are just waiting to get your money and deliver dismal results. Read on to discover the truth about these websites.rnrnWhere does these so called visitors originate from? Where will they get you? The solution is simplistic. Nine times out of ten these are not real visitors! In many cases this traffic will lead you with just fake hits . Many companies will do just about anything to get into your pockets. In the end you would be lucky if you received 10% of the REAL visitors you ordered. Guess What? Three out of four traffic resellers are doing exactly this.rnrnIn this article we are going to discuss the one fourth of the companies that do it right. These are the people that make an effort to deliver real traffic. These companies spend countless hours acquiring, and trading domain names. In addition to this, many companies will also establish long standing relationships with popular niche specific sites. These can be used to send additional targeted traffic to your site.rnrnThese expired domains are the lifeblood of many traffic sale companies power. The more high quality, visitor ridden sites a company owns, the more traffic they can deliver. The math is simple, if you have more sites delivering more visitors you simply have more selling power! Lets say a reseller has 10000 domains, lets say these domains are split into 100 categories. These categories can range from Pets to Cars and everything in between.rnrnAs a traffic reseller, I buy domains from almost every niche and category. I research the domains that have been dropped by their owners, and buy them if there are visitors that still frequent that domain. This is done through research and past performance analysis. The network I deal with has over 20,000 domains and that number grows every day.rnrnThere is no substitution for hark word and dedication. Companies who promise you the world for nothing will often deliver nothing. Do your research, be careful, and ask a lot of questions. Do not just buy anything that comes your way, think it over first. Good luck in your traffic buying ventures.

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