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Grow AUM Multi-fold with Mutual Fund Software’s Multi Asset Feature

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As we enter 2023, the economic turmoil tends to rise. The war is ongoing, the geo-political pressures are rising and so are the cases of Covid-19. Global inflation is at its peak followed by stagnant growth, which rises the fears of recession. And all these factors are collectively keeping the capital markets volatile. Despite, the outperformance of Indian equity markets as compared to global peers in FY 2022, the road ahead looks a little bumpy due to expensive valuations.

Gold was the best-performing asset during 2022 due to continuous depreciation in INR. At the same time, small-cap funds were the worst performers. Now since, the economic uncertainties prevail and market volatility is rising, hence an investor must adopt a multi-asset strategy for the year 2023.

As the name suggests, a multi-asset strategy combines multiple assets to create a broadly diversified portfolio, which includes mutual funds, equity stocks, bonds, real estate, cash, etc. Multi-asset strategies help an investor in achieving his specific investment goals, such as:

  • Growth: Higher capital returns in the long-term at lower levels of risks
  • Income: Generate cash flows in a diversified manner
  • Absolute Return: Get consistent returns across market cycles

Therefore, Mutual Fund Distributors in India are also required to diversify their own portfolio of services when they very well know the power of diversification. Apart from mutual funds, MFDs need to start selling multiple assets including insurance, gold equities, bonds, etc. As per AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India), the Indian Population prefers to allocate only 31% of their money into Mutual Funds, and the remaining money is to be invested in various other assets or securities. Overall, MFDs need to tech-upgrade themselves to become able to offer multiple assets to their clients.

A competent Mutual Fund Software can be the single most solution for MFDs. REDVision’s Wealth Elite provides a single window of all the major asset classes through its Multi-Asset feature. Now investors can easily invest in all the mentioned securities and much more with their mutual fund distributors only.

REDVision has already launched an integration with P2P, NPS, US equity, and Indian equity and it is continuously integrating its services with more and more assets and securities with time. With the multi-asset feature, an investor can also manage and track its insurance plans, its investments in real estate assets, it can showcase its Arts & Antiques, and much more.

With the highly advanced interface of Wealth Elite Mutual Fund Software in India, clients of mutual fund distributors will become able to make direct investments in all these assets or MFDs can invest on behalf of their clients.

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