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Grab this pro-grade detachable PC and create awesome art anywhere

10.24.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
Remember the days of sitting in the park on a Saturday afternoon, sketchbook in hand, shuffling between pencils as you shaded in a tree or secretly hashed out a figure drawing of the person reading on the bench next to you? Now that you’ve graduated from art school and are living the dream as a pro digital artist, you need tools that won’t hamper your creative flow. Sketchbooks are a great starting point, but translating that killer sketch to a digital version is a time-consuming pain. Creating with the right digital tool can be just as satisfying — and a lot more convenient. 


Award-winning artist Orlando Arocena explores pop culture and iconography in his work, which has been commissioned by Adobe. An ambassador for the HP ZBook x2, Arocena prefers the portability of a detachable tablet over a laptop — without sacrificing processing power.  Read more... More about Tech, Supported, Hp, Hp Zbook X2, and Detachable Pc
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