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Good news Peter Thiel and Count Dracula, company that sells young blood is back in business

11.08.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
Scientific evidence and federal approval be damned: young blood is back on the menu. Ambrosia, the company that sold plasma transfusions from donors aged 16-25 with the promise of youthful health benefits, shuttered its doors in August after the FDA issued a warning. Now, according to a report published Friday by Medium's OneZero, Ambrosia is back in business. “Our patients really want the treatment,” Jesse Karamazin, Ambrosia's founder, told One Zero. Ambrosia charges $8,000 for a one liter transfusion of plasma from "young blood," which it claims can reduce the effects of aging. There is no scientific evidence to back up this claim, which is why the FDA "caution[ed] consumers against receiving young donor plasma infusions that are promoted as unproven treatment for varying conditions." Read more... More about Aging, Blood, Peter Thiel, Tech, and Silicon Valley

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