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Gold Coast Fishing Charters Are Not All The Same

08.01.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

This article presents some key information that you need to know if you are in the market for a Gold Coast fishing charter experience. In fact, the guidelines presented here are generally applicable to any fishing charter operation in Australia, aside from Gold Coast fishing charters.nnWhat is common across the board for all Gold Coast fishing charters? Charters are available seven days a week, offering a half day (five hours) and full day (nine hours), off shore fishing experience. Most Gold Coast fishing charters leave early in the morning (6 AM) but are also available in the afternoons. Equipment and bait is provided together with food and beverages.nnIn doing your due diligence, you are advised to inquire about the boat being used and the type of fishing being undertaken by the various Gold Coast fishing charter companies. These are key considerations which will impact the quality of your experience.nnSo what are the boat options on offer by Gold Coast fishing charter companies? They range from large mono hulled boats that are usually constructed with fiberglass to catamarans that have two hulls and aluminum boats that tend to be the smallest of the boats available.nnAs a general rule, a Gold Coast fishing charter utilizing a larger mono hulled boat, delivers more comfort since they are more stable and better equipped to handle heavy seas. Whilst some catamarans and aluminum boats may be faster, they are more taxing on the body. This is especially the case when facing less than perfect weather and sea conditions.nnA Gold Coast fishing charter operator may entice you as a customer by offering you a speedier trip with more actual fishing time. This is well and good provided you don’t have to see a chiropractor or the like the next day and that the skipper of the boat actually knows where to go to catch the fish.nnSome Gold Coast fishing charter operators may entice customers with the line that his boats are fast and that you can have more actual fishing time since the time to travel to the fishing grounds is short. That may all be correct but make sure that you are not travel ling to some nearby unproductive reef. Such a strategy also can significantly cut the fuel bill for the operator.nnBear in mind that the Gold Coast area is a popular tourist destination and therefore, Gold Coast fishing charter companies cater essentially for those fishing for the first time and/or novices. If you are a person with a lot of fishing experience and/or have some particular target fish in mind, you may have to adjust your expectations.nnIs it better to go for a full day or half day Gold Coast fishing charter? If you can, go for the full day simply because it enables the skipper to provide more fishing options. A full day provides ample time to travel to distant reefs that have been fished less.nnExclusive bookings enable you to have a discussion with your skipper about customising the charter to suit your particular group.nnAs a final point, know that most Gold Coast fishing charters are reputable and professional in their conduct. But be warned that the industry does have a history of ‘fly by night’ operators coming and going and ripping off customers. The best option is to check out which Gold Coast fishing charter skippers have worked the same charter for a number of years and who therefore know where the fish are and who know their boats.

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