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Gold Coast Fishing Charter Options: How Do You Choose?

07.30.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Anyone out there been to the Gold Coast in the State of Queensland, Australia? If you haven’t already, take up the opportunity to go on a Gold Coast fishing charter. You will be able to see the Gold Coast looking from the ocean side. But getting back to the point. To maximize your enjoyment and satisfaction you need to consider what you are getting when you choose a Gold Coast fishing charter operator.nnThe first port of call for many customers in buying anything, is the price even though our good sense tells us that you usually get what you pay for. In the case of Gold Coast fishing charter operators, there is relative parity in the pricing from one operator to the next. But in terms of quality of experience there is quite a range of variation. This can be explained by discussing a number of issues.nnThe vast majority of people booking a Gold Coast fishing charter are doing it for the very first time. They expect to be comfortable and not be cramped for space. They want to have a great day out with their family and/or friends. They expect to be looked after by a helpful crew that will help them catch a decent number and size of fish. They anticipate that the crew has the knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver all these things. In addition they expect the crew to be friendly and with excellent people skills.nnA number of Gold Coast fishing charter operators have smaller aluminum craft that are rough riding and crowded. Customers have commented that they had to sit in the same place all day to fish. It is not a pleasant experience especially on those less than perfect weather days. Smaller boats are also limited in the ways that they can fish.nnSmaller boats need to fish both sides of the boat to avoid tangled lines. To make this possible Gold Coast fishing charter skippers need to anchor. In order to anchor they need to be in relatively shallow water. This restricts fishing options.nnIn the case of Gold Coast fishing charter operators who run the larger fiberglass boats whose passenger numbers compare with the numbers on the much smaller boats, fishing is done on the one preferred side of the boat given the prevailing winds and sea currents. It means they are not restricted to anchor up in the more shallow waters. nnGold Coast fishing charter boat operators who run the larger fiberglass boats provide greater customer comfort when customers are able to move around the boat and if necessary are able to provide shelter from weather when desired.nnNow those Gold Coast fishing charter operators that have bigger boats can increase customer satisfaction by providing them with a more comfortable ride compared to riding on a smaller boat. Customers too can feel more at ease because they know that the bigger boat is far more equipped to handle rough seas. Customers are free to move around the boat. They can stretch their legs, socialize more readily with their family and friends. This helps to maximize your Gold Coast fishing charter experience, from a social perspective.

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