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Going With The Garment Bag

04.19.2007 · Posted in Travel Articles

What’s the easiest way for a man to pack suits? It’s a garment bag! Whether you choose one that is on wheels, or one of the soft folding models it’s the piece of lightweight luggage you can depend upon to pack your clothing without wrinkling. There are many different brands, models and features to look for when choosing a garment bag. Basically, they are available in one form or another in brands from A to Z. The rolling models are the easiest if you’re taking a lot of clothing. Most of these cases are designed to take from 3 to 4 suits in the medium sized case and 8 to 9 men’s suits in the large or “valpak” models. It is probably the piece of luggage of choice for cruises and weddings. The best models such as the one by Mosaic Travel Gear will take any household hanger from your closet. This makes packing and unpacking easier and more efficient. This model also has small pockets for underwear, socks, ties and incidentals as well as a large outside compartment. Even your shoes and toiletry bag have their own place. You can hang the bag up while packing so everything will tuck away neatly. It is not necessary to unpack this case; you can hang it when you arrive and use it as a traveling closet. It comes complete with TSA combination lock for security when traveling. Garment bags such as these cases are used as baggage only and cannot be taken as a carryon on airplanes. If you must carry on a wheeled garment bag, there are much smaller models made for this purpose. Briggs & Riley is one company that has designed a small-wheeled garment bag. Always look for good wheels and a good handle system. These cases will carry a lot of clothing, and you need components that can handle the load.

There are garment covers as well as smaller garment bags. Some of these can be carried on to an airplane and put in the overhead compartment or occasionally hung in the small coat closet as you board. Nylon or ballistic nylon is the fabric of choice. Dilana also makes a model in leather that is lightweight and very elegant. These narrower covers will take one or two garments and few incidentals. They are ideal for a quick business trip or dressier occasion. Because travelers are in a rush these days, garment cases have been designed in a trifold design to fit the airline carryon template. Coronado Luggage makes a very popular model. It easily fits in the overhead compartment of most airlines and carries one or two suits or sports jackets. It has several pockets for incidentals and two outside compartments. It has also been designed to take any household hanger to speed packing and unpacking. It is available in ballistic nylon fabric with leather trim and has a wide, comfortable shoulder strap. These garment covers also make ideal corporate gifts and can have a company logo or name imprinted on them. Whether you travel by car, boat, train or plane it’s a very useful item.

There are wide garment bags available without wheels also. Many brands of discount luggage have this style available. Skyway is one of the manufacturers of this style in many different fabrics and colors. These are designed to hold a lot of clothing and incidentals. It has a fold down inside pocket that will accommodate longer dresses or overcoats. It also has shoe pockets, small mesh pockets for socks or toiletries, and a tie pocket. Two large outside pockets will hold any additional casual clothing. These garment bags are very roomy and also can be hung up to pack and unpack. This type of bag is ideal for car travel since it can be carried flat in the trunk or back seat. It can be used for airline travel, but it has to be sent through as baggage. Many of these models also have a shoulder strap for ease in carrying.

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