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Going Green with eSignatures

The world produces 300 million tons of paper annually, out of which 45% ultimately ends up in the trash! But the future need not be laden with massive heaps and landfills of paper waste. Instead, may we see one that is greener and smarter with minimal paper usage. If you’re wondering how we’re going to get there, the answer is simple – digitization. Countries world over have started giving up paper-based workflows & processes, while initiating the transition to efficient, digital counterparts.

How badly do we need digitization?

This might not feel like the eleventh hour, but in reality, we would be rapidly nearing it if we continue resorting to our current paper usage. In the U.S. alone, over 68 million trees are used to produce paper. An average person from the USA, Japan, and Europe uses 250-300 kilograms of paper every year. Speaking of paper wastage in offices, an average office employee uses around 10,000 sheets of paper every year. These are some stats we don’t want to carry forward into the future.

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How does going paperless helpful?

Apart from saving costs associated with paper and stationery, going paperless also helps companies save on infrastructural costs. By moving your document storage online, you are practically getting rid of a roomful of cabinets and the efforts & time required to store, preserve, and search for documents manually. In doing so, we are looking at a potential saving of 1.4 trillion pounds of paper every year which roughly translates to 728,000 trees. Systems like digital signatures and cloud-based document management platforms play a significant role in helping companies go paperless. Opting for such smart solutions is definitely a step in the right direction.

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