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Global Warming, an Apprehension towards Gas emission

10.13.2009 · Posted in Health Articles

OutlinennGlobal warming outline indicates escalation in the average temperature. The increase in temperature is owing to the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases including methane, aerosols and nitrous oxide. The advantage of normal gases is that it keeps the earth warm, but the gases that increases and reaches the levels above normal creates lots of problems as they cannot be removed from the environment and cause global warming. The air and ocean temperatures increase constantly and continue.nnGlobal warming pollutionnnThe ecosystems become imbalanced as the global temperature increases and results in retreating glaciers, changing plant productivity, altering the water supply and destroying fragile ecosystems. On the whole everything becomes irreparable. Global warming pollution is estimated to the stages that water levels are declining and the lakes are becoming warmer.nnGlobal warming pollution enhances problems owing to extra warm atmosphere. The carbon dioxide gases absorb the sunlight and avert the heat from entering space and thereby cause the additional warmth in water and air. Ice and snow melting also has gained speed and ultimately compounds to global warming issues.nnGreenhouse gasesnnHome is found to be mainly responsible to contribute maximum carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and to increase greenhouse gases. Today, everyone depends on energy and reverting to Stone Age cannot be given a thought. Though, it seriously looks like we will be forced to return to Atone Age if the fossil fuels are used exorbitantly.nnAtmospheric gases are a result of burning fossil fuels, land and agricultural clearing activities. The warming has increased in the recent years mainly due to human activities. The emissions of carbon dioxide are due to petroleum and gas denoting nearly 82% greenhouse gases emission.nnClean technologiesnnUsing less energy is the best. For clean technologies, basically homes should use pollution free energy and decrease the carbon dioxide exhaustion in the atmosphere. This decreases global warming problems. Turing a TV or a light on is also adequate enough to release carbon dioxide gases and enhancing global warming problems.nnPlanet is changing rapidly and this sign is not good. As home is the major contributor of global warming, small efforts can be made to decrease electricity usage. This on the other hand will reduce the deadly carbon dioxide gases exhaustion. This can be done effectively by adopting some alternative clean technologies that reduces global warming pollution, protects forest ecosystems, biodiversity, wildlife and also improves the quality of air thereby protecting health.nnSimple alternative stepsnnImproving the atmosphere and making it healthy by adopting simple alternative steps is always the best. You can expect political and economic capitals involvement certainly. Yet, you can initiate by adopting simple steps in preventing global warming such as adopting clean car technology that is efficient and pollutes less. This can be done by upgrading the vehicle, using clean fuels and regular maintenance. This will benefit you by offering more mileage.nnThe simple alternative steps to be taken towards global warming decrease are to change all the house hold lights to energy saving bulbs. Similarly, instead of throwing trash, it can be recycled and walking to grocery stores keeps your body fit and you can prevent global warming by not using your vehicle.

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