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Global Voice Recognition Market in Automotive Future Outlook : Investment Trends, Growth and Future Market Analysis by Regions!

Voice recognition in automotiv ntelligent-persfr.jpgVoice recognition in automotive help in decreasing the driver disruption and improves the comfort level in the vehicle. Increasing traction towards the connected vehicles and level of autonomous and comprehensive usage of smartphone environment in cars are the major factors driving the global voice recognition market in automotive. Different technology contributed to the voice recognition market size in the automotive industry. The market is expected to witness high demand for embedded technology in the coming years due to the increasing traction for connected vehicles, and advancement of in-vehicle infotainment systems.

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On the basis of fuel type, the market is subdivided into battery electric vehicle (BEV), internal combustion engine (ICE) and others. Among the all fuel type, the battery electric vehicle (BEV) segment is estimated to grow at the fastest rate in the voice recognition market in automotive due to the mounting production of electric vehicles. In addition, internal combustion engine (ICE) segment accounted the largest share in the market due to its production and sale, as a sluggish infrastructural expansion for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles in developing countries have limited the growth of BEV types of vehicles and upsurges the demand of ICE vehicle segment.

Comprehensive usage of smartphone environment in cars, incorporation of technology to reinforce centralized function, the mounting need for connected cars and mounting trend of autonomous vehicle driving are the primary growth drivers for voice recognition market in the automotive industry. For instance, voice recognition system in automotive consist of regulator of communication systems assimilated in the car infotainment system comprising a telephone, audio devices and objective involvements for navigation.

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Geographically, Asia-Pacific is observed to witness the highest growth in the voice recognition market in automotive due to the upsurge in production pace of automobiles. Substantial implementation of enhancing technologies in automotive electronics, mounting disposable income, speedy urbanization and refining lifestyle of consumers are also up surging growth of the Asia-Pacific voice recognition market in automotive.

Key players in the voice recognition market in automotive are catering the demand by collaborating with small players and investing in technologically advanced voice recognition device across the globe. In September 2018, Nuance collaborated with Affectiva, to enhance intelligent automotive assistants with the understanding of cognitive and emotional states from face and voice. Nuance, Vocalzoom, Sensory, Apple, Alphabet, and Inago are the key players offering voice recognition systems in the automotive industry.


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