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Getting from A-B

02.10.2008 · Posted in Travel Articles

One of the perks of my job is experiencing the many ways to travel from place to place around the world.

I have ridden a camel at speed through the desert, which once I had learned to be at one with the beast was a wonderful experience. I believe that when visiting far off places then you should try things that maybe you would not do at home knowing that the people that observe you making a fool of yourself will never see you again.

I have sailed the Nile on a felluca, one of the basic boats of the country which took me on a sunset trip giving me the chance to absorb the stunning countryside and the beautiful natural plants it has to offer.

Then at the opposite end of the scale I have experienced an evening meal on a luxury cruise ship under the stunning starry night sky in Thailand. I must admit that the choice of music amused both myself and a Russian couple that sat on the table beside me. The guy looked towards me with eyebrows raised and said

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