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Getting Divorced? Enlist The Help Of Divorce Attorneys

10.29.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Lawyers that specifically specialize in family law and divorce are called divorce attorneys. With divorce being such a common occurrence these days – at least 50% of all marriages end in divorce – most people need to find a divorce lawyer at some point in their lives.nnSo, under what circumstances are divorce attorneys needed? The only time you will need a divorce attorney is when you are getting a divorce. You and your spouse (soon to be ex-spouse) will both need one, and there must not be any conflict of interest between the two lawyers. They will work with you to help you get the best possible result based on your circumstances and will act as a go-between, meaning that direct communication between you and your ex will be at a minimum.nnYou might think that you can save yourself some money by not using a divorce lawyer by simply coming to an amicable agreement with your ex. However, this is not recommended because divorce proceeding are complex and, even if things start off on a friendly basis, good will can quickly be worn down.nnA lawyer will be able to help you make sure that the terms of the agreement are valid and legally binding. Remember that divorce agreements are a two way thing; obviously you will want your ex to stick to what they have agreed to, but you will also be bound by what you have agreed to. Once you sign an agreement, it will be legally binding on you. Should you break the terms of an agreement at a later date, it is not a valid legal defense to say that you only did so because did not understand, or were misled, on certain parts of it.nnAlso, it is important to remember that divorce laws vary by state, and it is essential to understand the laws in your state before getting too far into proceedings. For example, some states require a formal separation prior to start of divorce proceeding whilst others require only an informal one. Some require that you have first been separated for 12 months and others for just 6 months. Divorce lawyers will be fully aware of these varying rules and regulations and will be able to advise you accordingly.nnAnd, how do you go about finding divorce attorneys? Actually, divorce attorneys are probably the easiest kind of lawyer to find. The reason? Well, simply that they are so commonly needed. Someone you know has probably been through a divorce themselves and will as such be able to give you some recommendations or referrals. Should you not know anyone who been through a divorce, or if you are not satisfied with the lawyers that were recommended to you, then the next best option is to make use of a local telephone directory on an online directory. The latter is a particularly good option as they commonly come with reviews or testimonials from previous clients.

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