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Getting a “Buzz” On

08.18.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

For the past few years, viral marketing has developed into a powerful force to generate traffic. It seems that it has made a big change in the way agencies and brands look at the web. The usual tick box that was used on ad campaigns is now the medium where a certain promotion is launched to build a buzz before it lands on TV and print. Before a movie is released, this tick box is used to be seen as the pre-launch buzz-generation activity. Every Huge business “gets it”. nnDean Hunt defined buzz marketing as “the ability of making a ‘buzz’ or sense of enthusiasm on the content of your message.nnBuzz works! It can work for small and start-up businesses, as well. The planning stage of a viral campaign will set out objectives and develop the viral theme for a buzz.nnViral campaign has three vital components and any type or size of business can use it. Below are the following:nn1. The innovative material.nnThe viral agent that symbolizes the message you want to convey to others through the use of digital format like text, image, video, etc. The trick is to gather those materials that people are willing to pass along with family and friends. Remember that they are most likely willing to share advertainment than advertisement.nn2. Seeding.nnThose online agents must be properly placed and distributed in places that offer a high potential of spread. The viral material downloads or links on third party web sites must be direct for the purpose of creating awareness to your users before they get to the promotion site.nn3. Follow the seeding.nnTo provide accountability and to prove its success, measure the spread of campaign. It is very important that you know what is working and what is not. The only means to get that information is to trail down your seeding result.nnThere are lots of techniques, trends on creating a good and successful buzz. It is a powerful tool to help you promote you product or business. The buzz approach will always be there and if used properly and strategically, it can bring a huge success for your e-business.

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