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Get a Awesome Car in Vegas

11.05.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Once you have decided to jazz up your Las Vegas trip by renting an exotic sports car, you have to decide what to do to make this happen. You really want to drive one of these sporty models but they seem to be too expensive for your budget. Don’t worry, take some time to check out different rental agencies and soon you will be driving your dream car without going broke.nnWhen you make your hotel reservations, ask the clerk about their car rental offers. Las Vegas is a favorite spot for holidays and fun so everyone offers a deal. You can get cheap return flights, discounted hotel rooms and even offers to join VIP clubs just by doing a simple internet search. You can rent an exotic car in just the same way. If you take the time to find the right choice, you will have more money to spend in the casinos. nnUse the internet, such as sites like Expedia, to help you find the vacation you want at your price. Naturally you understand that exotic holidays are not cheap. You can expect to pay about $900. Check out package deals, they are usually cheaper and if you are thinking of a theme, sometimes companies have packages prearranged. Look for long stay deals, sometimes the holiday is actually cheaper if you stay longer. Always ask whatever questions you have when you are shopping around. Set yourself a budget and do not go over it. If you have a number in mind, you can let your dealer know what it is and he can work within it. Of course you need to be realistic, you won’t be driving a Bentley for $200 but you can have the holiday you want.nnBe nice to your dealer. You might be able to get the price reduced slightly if you are charming enough. However, the bottom line is the key. It usually helps if you let the dealer know why you are visiting Vegas. The friendlier you are the better off you will be. Once the dealer feels like a relationship has been established, he is more likely to give you a deal. It is their business to make people happy and when all is said and done, a happy customer is a return customer who also brings his friend.nnYou will enjoy your holiday so much more if you know you got a great deal on your sports car rental. Driving the car of your dreams with money in your pocket makes for an adventurous holiday. After driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari you will feel like a king without paying a king’s ransom. No one has money to waste, but on your holiday, after working so hard to get there, you deserve to be happy.

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