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Get this PDF editor (a Mac App Store favorite) on sale for 30% off

04.20.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
The million-dollar question: why hasn't Apple made a PDF editor available as a fallback app on new MacBooks? If you don't have a third-party editor installed on your computer, then editing and modifying PDFs is a recurring exercise in torture. The act of manually editing a doc often unfolds as such: convert PDF into Word doc, do editing, take a water break, fix messed-up formatting, eat a cookie, initiate file conversion back into PDF, read Avengers: Endgame plot theories, yell at frozen conversion screen, cry a little...

Enter PDF Expert for Mac. This is one of the top paid apps in the Mac App Store and it's currently on sale via the Mashable Shop. Read more... More about Apps And Software, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Stackcommerce, Pdf, and Tech

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