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Get the Right Doses of Thrills During Your Maldives Holidays

08.28.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking
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Maldives is renowned across the world for its enchanting white-sand beaches and gorgeous islands that give tourists the chance to unwind amidst serene natural surroundings. However, this island destination also offers plenty of opportunities for adventure-seekers to indulge in some thrilling activities owing to its location in the Indian Ocean. Most of them are in the form of water-based adventures, which include activities that are enjoyed on the surface of the ocean and the ones that involve underwater expeditions. Many of the resorts in this island country can also get such activities arranged for their guests.

Your Maldives holidays would give you the chance to enjoy canoeing around a lagoon with the help of canoes hired from the resort or one of the local tour operators. As it can be physically demanding for someone new to canoeing, you’ll be assisted by an experienced instructor. Another excellent activity worth trying is catamaran sailing. You can choose to go sailing using a mini-catamaran, which has a length of about 5 metres and is available at one of the water sports centres. If you’re an expert sailor, you can go on solo excursions on your catamaran.

Almost all the water sports centres are equipped with facilities for kite-surfing. This thrilling activity is quite challenging as it requires you to surf by harnessing the power of the wind by holding a large, controllable power kite. Maldives is also one of the favourite destinations of the extreme surfers as there are some challenging areas within the atolls for those who wish to enjoy surfing. October and April are the two months when you can get the ideal waves for indulging in this activity. You can get some of the best surfing packages from the popular tour agents located in Male, the capital of Maldives.

While holidaying in this island destination, you can also experience the thrills of riding an underwater scooter. It is an excellent activity for those who don’t know how to swim or dive. Such scooters have been built with a self-contained environment for breathing, which allows you to breathe naturally and comfortably as it travels underwater to give you some awe-inspiring views of marine life on the way. The controls of these underwater scooters function just like a conventional land-based scooter. You’ll be required to wear a helmet, which provides air-supply coming from a diving cylinder attached to the scooter powered by an electric battery.

During your holiday spent in Maldives, you can also try water-skiing and wind-surfing. Most of the resorts located in this island destination have excellent facilities for these two water-based activities. They also have instruction sessions for beginners who wish to develop the right skills for water-skiing. Almost all the resorts have a water-sports station, which is usually run separately from the centre for diving. The full courses for windsurfing generally comprise eight sessions of an hour each. Wild-surfing can be enjoyed at any time of the year, but the winds are less predictable during the period between November and April.

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