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Get a Galaxy Note10, Galaxy Buds, and a wireless charger for $950

09.12.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
TL;DR: This wild Samsung bundle gets you a Galaxy Note10 (256GB), Galaxy Buds, and a wireless charging pad for $949.99, saving you $197.98 over buying them separately.
The iPhone 11 is all people can talk about on Twitter. (That, and astrology.) Notable new stuff includes significantly more RAM and color options like pastel purple. Instagram photographers can't wait to get their hands on the 11 Pro's rear triple camera (hi, trypophobia). Apple was able to bake in all of this without raising prices, and the iPhone 11 is on track to be the next-most popular iPhone. Good luck bragging to Android people, though — their phones have had these "new" features for a while. Do iPhones have reverse charging? Didn't think so. Read more... More about Iphone, Samsung, Smartphone, Mashable Shopping, and Galaxy Buds

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