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George Washington Weight Loss Expert Takes on Weight Loss Myths

07.23.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

A George Washington Weight loss expert is taking on the myth that losing weight is simply a matter of numbers. When it comes to weight loss, you have probably been sold the idea that losing a pound on the scales is the same as losing a pound of fat. The myth that weighing less automatically means looking better in a bikini is the most misleading concept about fat loss. Think about it, a beach ball will weigh a lot less than a baseball however; one is soft and pliable while the other is hard and firm, and which one would you like to be?nnHonestly speaking a healthy body and good looks is all about the weight composition rather than the weight itself. One can weigh 150 pounds, however if the body fat contributes to 50% of the total body weight then you will most likely, not have a great physique. People will go to an unimaginable extent just to weigh less on the scales but it’s a good thing we have a weight loss expert from the George Washington University area who has unveiled the truth about effective weight loss.nnIt is completely true that the muscle mass determines the metabolic rate of ones body and in turn decides how you look in your swimsuit. Most of the weight loss plans make you weigh less on the scales, however one might not be sure whether it is muscles loss or fat loss. This is a very fundamental mistake which needs to be corrected. One should not loose muscle mass as it helps in burning more calories and makes you look much more fitter in shorts than the fat would. If you loose fat, for example five pounds and in turn gain equal pounds of muscle mass then it would appear as if you have lost 10 pounds, but the weighing scale would not show weight loss.nnIn case you want effective weight loss my advice would be to follow the instructions of the weight loss experts from the George Washington weight loss centers. These weight loss experts advise their clients to measure their body composition, which can be done with a simple tape privately in your home. All you have to do is measure yourself regularly. Keep an eye on the inch loss rather than a drop on the scales.nnAn inch lost off your waist for example equals a 4-5 pound fat loss for men and 3-4 pound loss for women. Your goal is to maintain your weight while losing inches of fat all over your body. To do this you will have to measure all areas and then get to work on building muscle. Women can begin by measuring three basic areas, hips, waist and thighs and men should measure just their waist as this is the area men typically store fat. Ladies measurements should be done as so:nn*Hips- standing with your feet about hips width apart measure around the largest part of your backsidenn*Thighs- For measurement of thighs, first measure six inches just above the knee and at that point, measure with a tape around the thigh.nn*Waist- Position the tape so that it hits you at the naval, then mark the numbers.nnOne should take all the measurements on a weekly basis but on the very same day. A visit to the washroom must be made just before taking the measurements to ensure getting accurate results constantly. A lot of George Washington weight loss centers use this method of taking measurements because is indicates actual fat loss.

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