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general car restoration and maintenance tips

02.17.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

Old cars stored in the garage for years can be reinstated to work again through intensive restoration. Collectible and classic cars in the garages are repaired to keep them running in good order. Car restoration can be performed on a number of parts and services like fabrication and welding and body work that transforms a car from its original design to a custom one. Complete and partial painting is also necessary if a car is to have that finished look after repairs and restoration. nnThrough mechanical serving parts that need to be repaired or replaced are identified to enhance the cars performance. Classic auto restoration is applied to transform classic cars into rolling art. Skill and patience is necessary during car restoration and modification. Vintage cars that are still clean and drivable are nice if maintained in their original condition. Some though require stripping and rebuilding from the frame up. Other vintage cars can have their classic car body and interior parts maintained but are installed with a new modern engine and a running gear.nnThe process of restoring and modifying cars requires one to find the body of a car that is going to be worth the labor extensive work of restoration. Car restoration can improve a car to almost showroom shape after undergoing processes involving banging, grinding, sanding and patching. Rust is exposed and grinded away followed by repairs to the body section affected. If rust had gotten out of control then the whole piece or panel of the body may have to be replaced. nnPlasma cutter, welder and a metal shrinking tool are used in the designing, welding, smoothening and shaping of new parts to cover up the old rusty ones. Cloudy headlights need to be cleaned as the safety of people using the car at night rests on clean and performing headlights. When engine oil leaks a sample is taken and a few drops dribbled on a white sheet of paper for examination.nnOil leaks appear red on a white sheet of paper while automatic transmission and power steering fluid are red. Anti-freeze may be brown or green but windshield fluid is blue. Very oily leaking oil is determined by feeling it. Oily leaks are usually lubricants. Engine oil leaks that are unchecked damage the engine and mess the car owners driveway. Developing problems are signaled by frequent oil leaks that require professional mechanics to fix.

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