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*** Holidays In Egypt

11.07.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

In many ways, Egypt is one big museum featuring numerous sites of religious, cultural and historical importance. *** travel to Egypt can include everything from browsing open-air souks, cruising down the Nile, visiting old-world temples, exploring ancient cities, trekking across the desert on a camel and standing in awe of the Great Pyramids of Giza, to shopping in modern, cosmopolitan cities and lounging on white sand beaches. From the burial tombs at Valley of Kings or exploring the Temple at Edfu, to shopping for textiles in the Khan al Khalili Bazaar or touring the treasures of King Tutankhamun in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, there is truly no end to all that Egypt has to offer. For those looking for a *** vacation to Africa, Egypt is an excellent choice that is sure to please anyone looking for an exciting destination for *** travel.nnWhile a *** vacation to Egypt can be a safe and very fulfilling travel experience, there are some things that LGBT travelers should know. The government of Egypt has increased efforts to persecute and imprison members of the LGBT community in recent years, which includes undercover sting operations at local gathering places, setting men up for arrest through meetings arranged in online chat rooms and some well-publicized trials and imprisonments, such as the Queen Boat raid where over 50 men were arrested in 2001.nnMost of these efforts have been aimed at arresting Egyptian men; however, in some instances women and tourists have also been included. One of the most publicized cases of a sting operation that led to numerous arrests and imprisonment was the 2001 raid of the Queen Boat, which resulted in the arrest of over 50 men.nnThat being said, this does not at all mean that Egypt should be avoided when it comes to *** travel, or that visitors will be confronted with constant homophobia from locals. In contrast, most travelers who have taken Egyptian *** vacations have found the locals to be welcoming and warm, and have reported no issues with the police or government during their stay. While there is no real, visible LGBT community in most parts of the country, there are well-known gathering places in Luxor, Alexandria, Dahab, Aswan, Cairo and other larger cities. Of course, discretion is important when visiting local hotspots, since the police force is also aware of these hangouts.nnEgypt is a land of mystery with several must-see historical and cultural attractions. To experience some of the best offerings of Egypt, while also helping to ensure a safe trip without hassles, those seeking *** holidays to Egypt should consider taking in this intriguing country as part of a *** travel tour, or at the very least, going through a travel agency that is aware of issues of concern to the LGBT community and is able to provide the information necessary for safe, fulfilling *** vacations to Egypt.

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