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Fraudulent Credit Card Use

11.12.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Credit card fraud is one of the biggest ways of identity theft. It is also the easiest way to steal from someone else. Almost everyone has a credit card and more than half of those people use them everyday. There are many ways for people to get your name and credit card numbers. Anyone can get and use this information. It only takes one scamming person to get your information and use it for all that it is worth. nn How People Can Use Your Credit Cardnn Anyone who has seen your credit card information can attempt to use it fraudulently. For most of us that is quite a number of people. Can you count how many people have seen your credit card this week? It is overwhelming to think about the possibilities of credit card theft. But it is important to acknowledge the danger and take the necessary precautions. Remember that you should never throw away or leave with others papers or invoices containing your credit card information. It is also not wise to give your credit card information when on the telephone to make telephone transactions. If you have refused to give your credit card information and someone is overly anxious to receive it and keeps pressing you to give it to them don’t give in. nn Be Aware of What’s Happening with Your Credit Card nn You should your credit card statement on a regular basis. If there is anything out of the ordinary call the company and inquire about it. You want to be aware of what is happening with your credit card at all times so that you can stop any fraudulent use quickly. nn Get the Protection on Your Cardnn A fraud protection plan added to your credit card may cost you an annual fee but you will find that the peace of mind it gives is well worth the money. If your credit card information is stolen you will not be liable to repay any of the charges. This is an investment that should be made when you receive any type of credit card. nn A Lost Credit Card nn Immediately notify your credit card company if you notice that your credit card is missing. It is possible that you misplaced it, but that is not important. Let the company know so that they can block charges to the card until you locate it. If you are unable to locate the card they can cancel it completely and issue you a new card. This is very simple to do and costs you nothing. The little bit of effort it takes will save a ton of headache in the long run.

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