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Francisco de Goya and his gallery at Hawaii

05.26.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Would you like to have the highest paying and the most coveted job in the whole world? Aside from being the boss/ owner of a huge company are you dreaming of the possibility in being envied and being on top of everyone else? What is the most successful and highest paying job nowadays? I really don’t know the answer to the previous question but I know the answer to that if we rewind this scenario from centuries ago. nnThe duty of a court painter is to render direct service to the royalties- providing family and self-portraits for them in any ocassion. Being a painter is a white-collar job during the past. Being a royal or court painter is one of the highest paying and the most coveted job of all. Being chosen by the royalty to commission their paintings is like being the White House’s official photographer now (although that post may not gain the amount of prestige as court painters do before). nnSpain gave birth to Classical and Modernist artists of our times. This I believe is due to the rich cultural and historical significance of Spain in the world. Among Spain’s celebrated artists is Francisco de Goya, a Renaissance painter famous for his Court Paintings and Dark Artworks (latter years).nnFrancisco de Goya is a painter known to succumb to boring and sometimes carnival-ish subjects which are the Court and its inhabitants. De Goya died a deaf man while still continuing what he started but painting on mostly dark subjects already.His earliest and most successful years of being a painter is seen as a loyal Court Painter to the Royal Family of Spain. During the latter years in his career he has been exposed to a controversy which led his immediate expulsion from court. nnA gallery will be shown to pay tribute to this great Spanish painter in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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