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Football hooligans

06.12.2011 · Posted in Soccer Articles

December 7th,2002, almost all big media in British reported:a 17-year-old Nottingham forest fan was killed by knife in the League Championship game between Nottingham forest and Byrne on weekend.Police suspected this is a crimes committed by football hooligans.On November 9, 2002, although there were more than 500 riot police and nearly 1,000 security personnels on Maine road street,three fans affrayes still happened.rnOn June 7th, 2002,after Millwall was eliminated at home by Birmingham team in the British armour play-offs,more than 5,000 fans took part in the big riots in west London.rnEnglish clubs was lift a ban in Europe when 17 years had gone after the sea Selma massacre happened.Manchester united, Arsenal and Chelsea won the honor again for English football in Europe.British government announced they have controlled the football hooligans problem. However in Britain, football hooligans is still a hot topic.Manchester united and Arsenal can be comparable with Madrid, AC Milan giants in Europe. But when mentioned Britain’s fans, almost all English fans have first reaction of football hooligans.Britain’s fans still cannot follow the victory steps of English football in Europe.rnIn the eyes of discrimination and even bitterly, English football fans atone for football hooligans’ crimein. Although 99 percents of them are not guilty, but they are still football sinners.rnAchievements of these super England clubs in Europe did not open a paththeir for their fans to Europe’s smooth channel. To cheer for the team in away ground is the behaviour of really cheer fan.In Britain,the numbers of fans who come to watch the game on away game is a index to measure the loyalty degree of fans. But if you are fans of Manchester united, Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea fans,while you don’t join the expensive “official fan group”,opportunities of going to Europe away are so few.rnIn the early summer of 1999, it was the most glorious moment in the history of Manchester united when Soares gave a crucial goal in the champions league and helped Manchester united win the success.The most critical moment appeared in the quarter final game when Manchester united beat AC Milan in away ground.About two weeks before the game is held,the club said tickets for united fans is limited- who didn’t know the SAN silo can contan 80,000 people?Despite the club have forewarned, and said joining “official association” will help to solve all problems.But the fans have decided to go to the SAN siro by themselves and at that night, there are 10,000 reds fans coming to Milan.

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