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Focusrite Scarlett USB audio interfaces are on sale for up to $115 off

07.19.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
TL;DR: Grab these professional-quality USB audio interfaces and bundles from the PCMag Shop for $99.99 to $225. They're normally $139.99 to $339.99, so you'll save up to 34%.
Think you've written the ditty that finally bumps "Old Town Road" off the top of the charts? Well, get this: Instead of dooming your bop to a pitiful existence as a shoddy-sounding Voice Memos file, you can easily turn it into a studio-quality recording on your computer using what's called a USB audio interface.   A USB audio interface is an audio device that takes analog signals from voices or instruments and turns them into digital signals you can then edit, mix, and master on a PC. They're usually rectangular in shape and compact enough to to fit on a desk or shelf; most look like a DVD player that's been tricked out with a bunch of knobs and ports. Read more... More about Mashable Shopping, Audio Equipment, Shopping Pcmag, Entertainment, and Music

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