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Best Flashlight game simply gives for kids

11.25.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking
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Flashlight game simply given for kids are a great way to take your flashlight game experience to the next level. You can create many flashlight games for kids with just one flashlight and the imagination of children, though you need more than one flashlight if you want to play flashlight tag! When playing flashlight games in the dark with children, it is best to use good quality, bright flashlights that can be seen from far away or across large areas.

Lights Out

For this fun flashlight game for kids, start by turning off all of the lights in an area where there is enough space for everyone involved in the game (you’ll need at least two people). Everyone should gather together in this spot and close their eyes. One person will need to leave the area, leaving their flashlight behind. Once the flashlight is turned on again, everyone’s eyes are closed! The flashlight person comes back into the area and turns off their flashlight when they get back.

Now, when the person’s flashlight turns off, it’s time for everyone to look for a new flashlight to turn on! Everyone needs to do this so that only one flashlight will be left shining in the dark after all of the other flashlights have been found. The last person with a flashlight shining is deemed “It!” in flashlight tag or simply must give up a spot if playing in a crowded room.

This game can be played until everyone has had a chance to be “It,” though if children become too rowdy it may need to be called to a close.

Tic-Tac-Toe flashlight game for kids

This flashlight game for kids can be played with any number of people, but requires at least two flashlights – one light will play X’s while the other plays O’s. While it is possible to just use the flashlight to signal “X” or “O,” it is more fun when players have actual flashlights that they can turn on and off in order to win their square! To begin the flashlight game, draw out a tic-tac-toe board on paper with 9 boxes by 9 boxes. Have everyone participating in this flashlight game for kids determine which square they’d like to play in first. When everyone has chosen their squares, go ahead and play Tic-Tac-Toe in the dark!

Flashlight Tag

This flashlight game for kids can easily be played with a small group of people or a large crowd. It’s often best to have an area where you can turn off all of the lights so that there’s one flashlight shining at a time. Everyone will need to use this flashlight in order to find another person in the room, who then becomes “It” in flashlight tag when tagged (or they up their spot). The flashlight also helps keep track of how many times someone has been tagged – when there’s only one flashlight left shining, everyone must stop tagging each other until someone switches off their flashlight and tags another person. This is usually the flashlight game for kids that ends when everyone needs to go home.

Another flashlight tag option is to have someone who isn’t playing flashlight tag shine the light while tagging. Once a person has been tagged, they can take over as flashlight-holder and switch it out with the person currently holding the flashlight so they can become “It” in flashlight tag. This variation ensures that everyone gets a chance at being flashlight holder and it’s less likely that anyone will get tired of holding the flashlight!

This version of flashlight tag can continue until just one person is left shining their flashlight on another, though this tends to prolong games and makes some children uncomfortable or frightened by having all of the lights turned off – always keep this in mind if you’re playing flashlight tag with children.

Flashlight Tag Variations

Flashlight tag is also a flashlight game for kids that can be made more difficult by adding other stipulations – instead of just tagging someone to become “It” in flashlight tag, you could have players freeze when their flashlight is turned off, or they could have to run around the area trying to touch everyone else’s flashlight before they can turn it back on again. This may make flashlight tag more suitable for younger players, but older children may enjoy these variations as well!

Duck Duck Goose flashlight game for kids

This flashlight game for kids requires at least three people and two flashlights, but playing with an odd number of players ensures that one person will end up being It in duck duck goose flashlight game for kids. When It flashes their flashlight, everyone who sees it must run and hide – the flashlight holder should try to find them by shining their flashlight around the room. To add excitement to this flashlight game for kids, add a soundtrack such as The Monster Mash or Thunderstorm!

Flashlight Charades

This flashlight game for kids works best with at least 4 players and 3 flashlights. This flashlight game is made more difficult by playing in total darkness (if you can manage it!), but since you’re acting out instead of using words, the black lights shouldn’t make much of a difference.

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