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Flashback 2001: A New Era Begins

08.26.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

It was a streaky season indeed for the New England Patriots. Having lost a home game to New York and then having lost the team’s star player, Drew Bledsoe, things were looking bad for the Pats. The Colts were looking better than ever before, but the Patriots somehow destroyed them by a score of 44 to 13.nnThe following week wasn’t as kind to New England. The team lost to Miami by nearly three touchdowns, and Tom Brady looked like an inexperienced rookie on the field. This sunk the Pats’ record to one win, three losses.nnThe following week, New England faced a strong Chargers team. They were seen as one of the best in the league this season, and Ladanian Tomlinson was just beginning to come into his own.nnThe lines all showed San Diego as the heavy favorites, as New England was still without Bledsoe and had looked horrible against Miami the week before. Somehow, New England came into its own, and things have never been the same ever since.nnThis game was a true showdown in every sense of the word. Each team seemed to alternate touchdowns or field goals, but somehow the Chargers found themselves up 10 points later in the game. It really looked like things were over, but we decided to stay for kicks.nnWhat a good decision it was to stay! The Patriots capped off an amazing comeback with a touchdown pass to Jermaine Wiggins that tied the game. Brady looked like an experienced veteran out there, fully confident in his abilities.nnThe game went to overtime and there was no way Brady was going to let this slip away. He drove the team into field goal range and future 2-time Super Bowl winning kicker, Adam Vinatieri drove home the 23 yard gamer winner. Foxboro stadium was going ballistic! I couldn’t believe this Brady kid was for real.nnNearly every Pats diehard remembers this game and its importance. This truly marked the beginning of a Ton Brady dynasty. Bledsoe was out, and Brady was in.

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