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Five Merits Of Purple Clay Teapots

06.06.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

[I:4:J]Chinese people love tea just like we westerners like coffee. And they consider purple clay teapots the optimal partner to teas. Does it hold water? I’ve made a research on that, and let me try to solve the mysteries for you.nnThere is only one place that this clay can be found: Yixing, China. Actually, there are three main colors of this so-called purple clay: red clay, green clay, and purple clay. Because the clay contains a high number of natural minerals, it can display a full range of colors after firing. And its internal structure is quite interesting too – a double layer of porous, sandy particles that give it an extra kick.nnSome purple clay teapots are seen as great additions to cultural collections and are used as ornaments, but for those who like to drink from them, these pots have five characteristics that won’t be forgotten.nn1. Purple clay teapots ensure your tea exerts its full potential. This means that these pots produce a flavor and fragrance that is true to the tea inside. Many people say that brewing with a purple clay teapot is really a unique experience, because the all-natural particles don’t taint the tea.nnI love green tea, so I bought a green-colored purple clay teapot several years ago. Then I hurried back to my home, and brewed my favorite tea leaves with the ***. When I took a sip, the soup tasted much better than I used to feel before. I wondered: ‘Is it the same tea?’ Then I suddenly saw the light: I finally know my tea thanks to this purple clay teapot!nn2. The unique air permeability of purple clay teapots guarantee that the tea inside doesn’t go bad. There is a saying in China: Tea overnight can’t be *****. But the truth is, the tea in a purple clay teapot stays crisp all day and night, even in sultry summer.[I:5:J] nnOccasionally, I brew tea in the morning, but before long I have to rush to work and forget about my tea. When I get off work, the tea in my purple clay teapot is still fresh and waiting for me.nn3. A purple clay teapot seems ‘alive’ because it is very absorbent. First, it accumulates some tea flavors and fragrances during each infusion, and releases them into the next brew. So the tea is always better and the flavor gets stronger as time goes on.nnBut that’s not all, because every batch of tea brewed in a purple clay teapot adds to its elegance and sheen. That’s because the porous surface allows the tea to seep inside, which then becomes a part of the *** forever. For this reason, it’s best not to wash your *** with soap or chemicals, otherwise the tea stored inside will be lost. Some people say the oils from your hands can also be trapped by the ***, which adds to the bright color on the outside.nnLastly, the color of a purple clay teapot will change slightly according to what kind of tea you brew. Watching the slow change of color is quite interesting.nnIf you are interested in the last two advantages of purple clay tea ware, just click over to my site to read more:

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