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Fishing – Chapter By Chapter

09.25.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

When reading a book you start out by looking at the cover, and the same is true for fishing. In this case, your cover is the weather and whatever conditions surround you. Note the wind speed and direction, where is the sun, what tidal movement is there if any, the temperature and so on. Whether you are going to fish from a boat, kayak or wade fish this information is vital to your success. It can tell you where to fish and what species you are going to target.nnOnce on the water it is time to do more “reading”. Pay close attention to all of the early morning activity around you, especially bait fish. There are usually schools of mullet jumping around, and small shrimp popping out of the water if you are looking for them. If you notice bait fish fleeing an area try casting in that direction. Usually this means something is chasing them, so that is a good place to start. Look down into the water for smaller creatures like ***** that may also be running away from larger game fish.nnBirds are another great fishing indicator, especially when they are feeding. My favorites to follow are the blue heron, pelicans and gulls. All of this wildlife activity is useful if you know how to read it. Not only can it help to find fish but also give clues as to what they are feeding on.nnLearning to read the structure of your fishing site is another way to catch those elusive fish. Look for drains. Those are gaps in the islands that allow water to flow in or off the flats into deeper water. I call these areas bait highways, and if the bait fish are traveling them, the predator fish are not far behind. Set up to the sides of these highways, especially at peak tidal changes.nnI use a bone topwater lure to recon the area. Once fish are located by a strike or a blow-up, I switch to a soft plastic either weightless or not, but always weedless. Then I start working the area probing for that big bite. I section the drain area and work each one with maybe 3 or 4 casts before moving on.nnWhether I am fishing for fun, with clients or in a tournament, I generally go with the Sea Devil by Brown Lures. Pink Hologram seems to work best for me, but they make many different colors that can work great for clear or muddy water.nnLearning to read this “living book” can give you a real advantage the next time that you go fishing. As always, pay attention to the weather, wildlife and structure to get the most out of your day. Time and practice will teach you what all of these clues mean, so go out and test it for yourself. Good Luck Fishing!

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