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First Encounter with Meditation Courses

05.06.2009 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

While the accepted proverb is all is well that ends well one cannot undermine the importance of a perfect beginning either. Identification of the appropriate starting point can do wonders to one’s prospects of success. Of course there might be necessity of also choosing the appropriate technique like the remote viewing technique or the astral projection technique. However techniques could be adjusted with improvisation and modifications but it would be very difficult reversing bad beginning. Starting at the right point is the key to success for any project.nnA Tough Task for the Beginner Selecting the adequate starting point in meditation courses could be a daunting task for the beginner. On the other hand their task may not be as tough as someone who is already accustomed with certain techniques like the astral projection technique and they are informed at a later time that the technique adopted by them were inadequate. Making decision could be facilitated with a few tips on the issues. Such tips might not have universal applicability but would be facile for people trying to have specific expertise in the law of attraction or say in the out of body experiences.nnPoints to Ponder Just as the perfect beginning is vital to success, some tips could augur well for the person meditating. Psychic powers can be nourished well with such useful tips and it would be possible to use them for other purposes. One can learn telepathy, learn remote viewing and in fact can accomplish multiple objectives with a sound start. Just as the opening partnership is vital in the game of cricket or opening move is vital in the game of chess, starting phase is vital to success of anything achievable through meditation. And the tips one get from the experts mouth performs equally well for the expert and the novice. End objective always remains to allow the user to pursue his or her meditation courses undisturbed. nnSelecting a Peaceful Place to Start Coming to terms with the remote viewing techniques starts with a place that is remotely located and immune from outside disturbances. Bedrooms, gardens or open spaces on river banks or such other places could be the ideal abode for beginners of meditation practices. Of course the gentle noises of floating stream or singing birds and crickets won’t disturb your attention much and it would be possible to concentrate on the task at hand with the aim to learn remote viewing or mental telepathy. On the other hand had it been some busy place like a restaurant, sea beach, or road side with cars racing fast, the environment would not be conducive to peace and tranquility of mind. nnArt of Relaxation One of the basic requirements would be selecting a peaceful environment for relaxation. Trying to learn the law of attraction may not bring out results if the person meditating is not relaxed. Slow and steady wins the race and the body should be relaxed limb by limb and step by step gradually. One part will remain relaxed when the other is gradually relaxing.nnSuccess Follows Failure Failure always precedes success and there is no reason to lose heart because there had been some initial failures. Success from the inception on the other hand could result in ultimate failure harming your prospects and deferring your attempt to reach the end goal. Even in failure meditation brings back the great advantage of relaxation, something hard to achieve in these days of breakneck speed.

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