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Few Natural Treatments To Treat Type 2 Diabetes

12.03.2009 · Posted in Health Articles

Few natural remedies to treat Type 2 diabetesnnDiabetes Type two is one of the most plentiful health problem in today’s times. The bulk of the people are certain that drugs are the opinion that medications are the only over this problem. There are many natural ways too available to battle the problem and treat it well.nnGinseng is one natural solution that is awfully helpful in treating type two diabetes. Traditional Chinese medication has used this herb for long to control blood sugar levels. Ginseng is of various types but it is the Asian and the north US Ginseng that’s said to be the most effective to control blood sugar levels. If you use ginseng regularly, it is sure to work to govern blood sugar levels.nnChromium is one other acceptable way to control diabetes naturally. It boosts the body’s answer to insulin and hence regulates the metabolic rate of carbs and fats to prevent the body from releasing too much of sugar.nnAnother natural cure for type two diabetes is Magnesium. This mineral helps control blood sugar levels. Besides, it also supports the muscle and nerve function and the immunity mechanism. Magnesium occurs naturally in numerous foods such as whole grains, seeds, nuts, plants and several others. Include these foods in your ordinary diet to keep your diabetes in control. nnDiabetics can also use cinnamon to control their blood sugar levels naturally. Cinnamon plays a dual role to control diabetes. It controls the blood sugar levels and also augments the body’s reaction to insulin. Besides, it destroys free radicals present in the body which will cause further complications in diabetics. nnNext in the row of natural diabetes treatments is Zinc. It helps in the production as well as storage of insulin in the body. Many researches have showed clearly that deficiency of zinc could worsen diabetes. Food items like buckwheat, egg yolk, split peas, lima beans, sardines, walnuts, chicken, and pecans contain zinc. They may be simply added to the classic diet routine to control diabetes.nnThe successive natural way to treat type two diabetes is Vanadium. It not only decreases the blood sugar levels but also boosts body’s answer to insulin. Moreover, Vanadium also artificially performs some functions in the body that insulin originally does. This helps make up for any insulin deficiency that could be present in the body.nnAn herb called gymnema could also be used to control type two diabetes. This herb is known to cut down the blood sugar levels. It is advised that you use this herb under the care of a health care provider. This is as if used with diabetes medications, gymnema may cause certain complications. nnSo it is a clever decision to take this herb only under the supervision of a doctor. So what are you waiting for? Make use of abovementioned data and you are all set to fight off type 2 diabetes naturally.

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